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North Shelby Fire receives a AFG grant for an exhaust removal system to better protect its employees and provide a safer working environment.

The North Shelby Fire family celebrates the retirement of Lieutenant Scott Swann.

Lt. Swann became a career member of the Fire District on October 2, 1988 and will retire with 25 years of service on December 30, 2013.

 Thank you Lt. Swann for your dedication and service to the citizens of Shelby County.

North Shelby Fire collects toys for needy kids on Christmas.

North Shelby Fire helps Hoover Fire collect Toys for needy kids on Christmas through Operation Grateful Heart. 
HOOVER, Alabama -- The Hoover Fire Department and local businesses worked hard this year to make sure the holidays are bright for the children of military families.

The fire department, along with the North Shelby Fire Department and Rocky Ridge Fire Department, collected truckloads of toys for the seventh year in a row as part of a program started nearly a decade ago by Gov. Bob Riley called Operation Grateful Heart, Hoover Fire Department Executive Officer Rusty Lowe said.

"It's coordinated out of Montgomery and it provides toys for children of the military that are either on active duty or are in need for whatever reason," Lowe said. "This year we had an overwhelming response and had quite a bit of toys that were brought by the fire station by individuals."

Those individuals ranged from the residents at the Galleria Woods retirement home, who collected toys and went to Wal-Mart to buy bikes to donate, to kids who wanted to share their gifts with those in need.

"A lot of children donated some of their Christmas gifts this year," Lowe said. "Their parents brought them by the fire station."

Businesses pitched in, too, including Baptist Health System, Family Wellness Chiropractic, the Spain Park cheerleaders, several scouting groups and the Greystone and Riverchase country clubs.

"This was our biggest year ever," Lowe said. "We hope that as many children that are in need are able to be helped."

The North Shelby Fire family celebrates Christmas

North Shelby Fire celebrates Firefighter Bobby King's 35 years of service to the North Shelby community. Thank you Bobby.

North Shelby Fire celebrates Lieutenant Scott Swann's 25 years of service to the North Shelby community. Thank you Scott.

North Shelby Fire celebrates Lieutenant Ken Gilliam's 25 years of service to the North Shelby community. Thank you Ken.

North Shelby Fire would like to congratulate Lieutenant Scott Swann on being Firefighter of The Year for 2013. Thank you for your dedication to the North Shelby Fire District and the citizens of North Shelby County.

North Shelby Fire would like to congrantulate Bobby King for 35 years of dedication and service to the citizens of North Shelby County. Thank you for your service.


North Shelby Fire would like to congratulate Chief Randy Miller, Lieutenant Scott Swann and Lieutenant Ken Gilliam on 25 years of service to the citizens of North Shelby County. Thank you for your service.

Chief Randy Miller

Lieutenant Scott Swann

Lieutenant Ken Gilliam

North Shelby Fire is recognized for being a good neighbor.

HOOVER, Alabama - A Hoover home was heavily damaged in an early-morning fire, but authorities say the damage could have been much worse if not for their Automatic Aid Agreement with surrounding firefighters.

Hoover firefighters received the first call about 2:10 a.m. of a reported blaze at a home in the 3200 block of Crossings Drive in the Caldwell Crossing subdivision. Hoover fire Executive Officer Rusty Lowe said the family was awakened by smoke detectors. They grabbed their dog, evacuated the home and called 911.

Both Hoover and North Shelby Fire District firefighters responded to the scene. "This was closer to a North Shelby station, so they arrived first and began to attack the fire,'' Lowe said. "Hoover units arrived, and we continued to extinguish the fire."

There was extensive fire, smoke and water damage to the home's second floor, Lowe said. There was water damage to the first floor, but Lowe said the family was able to salvage furniture and other belongings.

Lowe said today's fire is a great example of how well their Automatic Aid Agreement works in such mutual territories. Hoover has that agreement with North Shelby Fire District, Cahaba Valley Fire District, Rocky Ridge Fire District and Helena Fire Department.

"We work together, we train together, we are familiar with each other's equipment,'' Lowe said. "Today North Shelby got there three minutes before us and it made a huge difference in minimizing damage. "

"We've been doing this for quite a while,'' he said. "It's saved a lot of lives and property throughout the years."

North Shelby Fire celebrates Lieutenant Robert Lawson's 25 years of service to the North Shelby community. Thank you Robert.

North Shelby Fire Dedicates Fire Station 2 at 4996 Caldwell Mill Ln. to Chief R.M. O'Connor for 32 year of service with 16 years as Fire Chief.

Lawson Receives “EMT of the Year” Award

Lieutenant Robert Lawson, a North Shelby Fire District employee, was recently selected by the Shelby County Fire and EMS association to represent Shelby County as their “EMT of the year”.  Lt. Lawson was presented the award at the annual BREMSS banquet which was held at the Pelham Civic Complex on December 17th.   Lt. Lawson has been employed at the Fire District for 25 years.  Chief Buddy Tyler had the honor of presenting Lt. Lawson with the award.  Chief Tyler stated that Lt. Lawson exemplifies all the traits of a great Paramedic.   He is knowledgeable and possesses great skills.  He has a great attitude and is compassionate and empathetic toward all patients.  Lt. Lawson encounters numerous patients on a weekly basis and provides excellent treatment to all.  Lt. Lawson not only works at North Shelby Fire District but is also employed as a supervisor/paramedic with Rural Metro Ambulance in Bessemer, Alabama.  Lt. Lawson was very instrumental in establishing the ambulance transport service at North Shelby Fire District and he chairs the “Transport Committee” at our department.  He has been assigned to our ambulance transport unit since its inception in 2006


North Shelby Fire celebrates the retirement of Lieutenant Rusty Johnson. Thank You Rusty for 27 years of service to the North Shelby Community.

Fire Prevention Month at North Shelby Fire

One of our many fans and the reasons we care!

New A.D.E.M. Burn Regulations



Air Division

Chapter 335-3-3 Extract

Control of Open Burning and Incineration

335-3-3-.01(2)  Open burning may be conducted for the purposes listed below and if it meets all the requirements of this paragraph.  Authority to conduct open burning under the provisions of this paragraph does not exempt or excuse a person from the consequences, damages, or injuries which may result from such conduct, nor does it exempt or excuse a person from complying with all applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and orders of governmental entities having jurisdiction, even though the open burning is conducted as specified in this paragraph.

(a)  Open burning of vegetation or untreated wood may be conducted if it is generated by clearing or maintaining land, or from demolition or operations conducted for any of the following purposes:

  1. Erection of any structure;

      2. Construction of any transportation, utility, or communications line.

      3. Maintenance of rights-of-way;

      4. Development or modification of a recreational or commercial area;

      5. Plant husbandry practices.

(b)  Open burning authorized by this paragraph shall comply with the following conditions:

  1. The burning must take place on the property on which the combustible fuel originates;

       2. The location of the burning must be at least 500 feet from the nearest occupied dwelling located on the property on which the burning is conducted;

       3. The burning must be controlled so as to avoid creating a traffic hazard on any public road, street, or highway as a result of the air contaminants emitted;

       4. Only vegetation and untreated wood may be burned.  It is unauthorized to open burn heavy oils, asphalt products, plastics, vinyl materials, insulation, paper, cardboard, natural or synthetic rubber, salvage or scrap materials, chemicals, garbage, treated or painted wood, or any trash;

       5. Initial burning may be commenced only between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  No combustible material is to be added to the fire between 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. the following day;

       6. Burning shall be conducted only when there is good ventilation and when the prevailing wind direction is away from any built-up area in the vicinity.  No burning shall be conducted in areas under a current air stagnation advisory issued by the National Weather Service or during a "Drought Emergency" declared by the Governor;

        7. The fire shall be attended at all times.

(c)  The Director or his authorized representative may impose additional conditions to cover specific open burning situations where additional controls or requirements are deemed necessary to minimize air pollution.

(d) Permission to open burn under the provisions of this paragraph is revoked during the months of May, June, July, August, September and October in Baldwin, DeKalb, Etowah, Jefferson, Lawrence, Madison, Mobile, Montgomery, Morgan, Russell, Shelby and Talladega Counties.


A.D.E.M. Birmingham Office: 205-942-6168

The Birmingham Water Board has increased Hydrant Fees This will unfortunately effect NSFD yearly dues.


By DALE BRAKHAGE / Community Columnist

Who are the noisiest neighbors in Indian Springs?

There is absolutely no doubt about that when the sirens of Fire Engine No. 72 scream to life.

Those sirens mean a house is on fire, or perhaps a villager is having a heart attack. They always mean an emergency is happening right now!

Those sirens also mean the finest trained emergency responders with the best available equipment are on their way to help one of us.

Did you know that every firefighter in the North Shelby County Fire District is also a trained paramedic? It takes two years of training to become a paramedic.

They are equipped with the best emergency equipment, too.

“Some people may wonder why fire dues occasionally go up,” said firefighter/paramedic Robert Rainey. “We try to keep the best fire and medical equipment ready to help the residents we serve.”

Six firefighter/paramedics man Fire Station No. 2 near the corner of Caldwell Mill Road and U.S. 119. Two firefighter/paramedics stay alertly on duty at all times. They work 24-hour shifts. Then, they have 48 hours off to rest, but most work other jobs.

According to Station No. 2 firefighter/paramedic Jeff Hawkins, “I work here, and for the city of Birmingham. Most firefighters work for two different departments.”

Others might have landscaping or construction jobs that they work to make ends meet so they can serve us. That shows how dedicated they are to serving us in Indian Springs. We should thank them often.

They always respond as quickly as possible to emergencies.

We can help them. When you are driving, and you hear sirens and see their trucks, pull to the right and stop. That clears the middle of the road so their emergency vehicles can quickly pass. It makes it safe for all vehicles on the road.

“Another service we provide is free blood pressure checks. Come by the fire station anytime during normal business hours,“ said firefighter/paramedic Lt. Scott Swann. Then he smiles and adds, “Of course, if you are feeling poorly any time, remember, we make house calls!”

Just dial 911, and listen for sirens.

Dale Brakhage writes a weekly column about Indian Springs and its residents. You can reach him at


On January 3rd, 2012,  Fire Chief Michael O’Connor of the North Shelby County Fire and Emergency Medical District. passed away at Brookwood Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, from complications of an unexpected illness.


Chief O’Connor had over 33 years in the fire service with North Shelby Fire and Emergency Medical District and the former Bluff Park Fire District.  He will be deeply missed.


Michael leaves behind his wife, Nelle O’Connor and daughter Laura.


Chief O’Connor joined the North Shelby County Fire and Emergency Medical District in 1982 as a Firefighter/Paramedic and progressed through the promotional process to the rank of Fire Chief in 1995. He leaves behind a fire department that valued his services and he will be sorely missed.

North Shelby Fire District swears in two new board members. From left to right William Owen and John Strozier.